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  • Comments are organized by the type of commenter, then alphabetically by the first name of the author/submitter.
  • You can scroll through the list of comments, or you can press "Ctrl" and "F" keys on your keyboard and search for a name or keyword.
  • If you do not see your comment under the more specific heading you think it should be under, please check the "Public Comments" section, since this was the default selection.
  • Sometimes the submitter was different from the author, so if you have trouble finding a particular comment, please search for both names.
  • If you submitted a comment to an organization and not directly to the scoping comments address or website, the comment may be included under that organization. These were scanned and uploaded in the manner recieved. (Search under the "Organized Interest Groups, Form Letters, and Bulk Submittals" section under the name "Various.")
  • If you submitted a form comment by mail or through an online form from a third party website (without making any substantive changes to the form comment) your name should be listed under the associated form comment. (Search under the "Organized Interest Groups, Form Letters, and Bulk Submittals" section under the name "Various.")
  • The scoping comment statements have not been validated, nor do they necessarily represent what will actually be studied in the EIS. All comments are under review by the Co-Lead Agencies to help inform the breadth and range of considerations in the EIS.
  • Regardless of how the comments were submitted, all comments were read, reviewed and summarized by the EIS process team.
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